GRP Fibreglass - Features & Benefits

GRP has been used for many different applications over the decades such as boats, fuel tanks, car body shells and roofs. All of these applications generally subject the GRP to harsh conditions and environments but GRP takes it all in its stride.


Superior durability

GRP is topcoated in a UV resistant coating that protects the laminate from the harmful rays of the sun and as such will outlast even the best felt roofs.

Seamless roof - no joins

As GRP roofs are applied in situe there is absolutely no visible joins. The resins and matting create a chemical reaction that cures to form a single laminate.

Value for money - very low life-cycle cost - maintenance free

Although GRP is a bit more expensive than EPDM it will still outlast any felt roof and is still great value for money when compared to the extra longevity you get from a GRP roof over felt.

Attractive appearance

GRP is probably the best looking roofing system out there. It comes in an enormous range of colours. If you like the look of a rolled lead roof but can't afford it then we can create a similar appearance with GRP at a fraction of the cost. Have a look at our gallery.

Safe installation - flame free

No hot torches, boiling tar or welding equipment needed so risks of fire are eliminated. Everything is mixed on site and applied with cold lay techniques.

BBA Certified

The GRP system we use is approved by the British Board of Agrement and is also on the Lloyds Register.

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